LAÔMA ATELIER is a creative studio that was founded in Summer 2021 by sisters Laura and Martine Feiereisen combining their love for jewelry, design and photography.  
Together, they thoughtfully design and handcraft sculptural and fluid jewelry and body adornments in small batches in their Luxembourg based atelier, which allows them to have a responsible production. Creating well-balanced objects that connect and move with the body made out of precious metals. Crafted from durable and responsibly-sourced materials, they aim to create wearable sculptures to last beyond seasons. The pieces are made-to-order to avoid overproduction, so they can keep their environmental impact to a minimum.
The manual process of making jewelry is meditative for them. Like the practice of yoga, it is an endless process of self-experimentation, learning, dedication and repeating. Fascinated by the interplay between soft - hard, liquid - solid and wax - metal, they explore materiality and find poetry in form.
Coming from a family of woodworkers, they have always been deeply interested in different materials as well as traditional craftmanship. Watching their father work in his atelier, showed them the dedication to the handcrafting process and the importance of quality and longevity. They believe that honoring the artisanship behind objects, knowing how they are made and who they are made by, is very significant in a world where a lot of people have lost touch with the product they buy.
Creating is a process for them that often starts with a thought, a dialogue, an emotion or a memory and sometimes with no intention - carving and fluidly sculpting the wax until it evolves into its final form. Designed with wearability in mind, their collections comprise of reimagined classics combined with statement pieces. From finding the shapes of their designs, to forming the metal, soldering parts together and giving the pieces the last finish, they carefully work on each step.  
Growing up in a small country, always having been surrounded by nature but living in different cities like Berlin, Melbourne, Paris and New York over the years, they draw their inspiration from the pulse of big cities, contemporary art and architecture as well as landscapes and phenomenon in nature. After studying Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing in Paris, they took Metal and Jewelry Arts classes at Pratt Institute in New York while working in a studio in Brooklyn to create their first pieces for LAÔMA.
LAÔMA is built on kindness and consciousness. Their deep love of all animals and the respect that every being is rightfully deserving of lead them to design vegan leather accessories.
Contemporary aesthetics are paired with traditional craftsmanship using metalsmith techniques and lost-wax casting to create high-quality jewels that can be passed down from generation to generation.
They are also involved in all their artistic direction as well as their photography and videos. Having a background in photography, Laura takes all of their campaign shoots and product photos.