We are committed to sustainable and ethical practices throughout our entire creative process. Having a circular approach to jewelry, we thoughtfully create modern heirlooms that are made to last. Respecting the environment, people and animals are very important to us.


We design and carefully handcraft our jewelry in our studio in Luxembourg.



All our pieces are made with responsibly-sourced materials. We are mainly working with local suppliers in France and Germany.



925 Silver and 935 Silver

We use 925 Sterling Silver as well as 935 Argentium Silver.

The main difference is that argentium silver consists of 93,5% pure silver compared to 925 silver with an amount of 92,5%. The remaining alloys in 935 silver are 5,5% copper and 1% germanium while 925 silver is usually made up of 7,5% copper. This makes 935 silver very resistant to fire stain and it improves durability. The resulting jewelry normally has a much whiter and brighter appearance and stays longer shiny.

Additionally, argentium silver is gentler on the environment as it is made of recycled silver and offers better traceability. We do not yet offer everything in 935 silver, as we can not yet find all types of findings that we use in argentium silver, but we try to as much as we can.

If a piece is fully made in 935 silver, you can find it in the product description next to the item.

If it’s not 935 silver, we use 925 silver that is recycled. 


The pieces we make in 925 silver are plated with rhodium to keep the shine longer. 


Gold Vermeil

For our pieces in Gold Vermeil, we use 925 or 935 silver as base metal and a coating of 18k gold with a thick layer of gold. 

Unlike other gold plating, in order to be regarded as Vermeil, a piece needs to consist of a thicker layer of gold, at least 2.5 microns and of higher quality, plated over a silver base.

We work together with a local electroplater that carefully coats our pieces with 3 microns of gold. All our rings are plated with 5 microns of gold as rings in general will wear off more quickly.

18k has a rich and strong yellow tone compared to 14k gold.

14k Gold 

We use 14k Gold as it is extremely durable and does not tarnish or oxidize fast. It is composed of 58.3% gold and 41.7% alloy. As it is resistant to wear and tear, it is perfect for your every day.

14k has a beautiful bright hue and has a paler yellow than 18k gold.


Glass beads

Our glass beads are either handmade by artisans or vintage.



Our pearls are vintage and vegan (they are made out of glass)



The packaging that we use to safely ship your new jewels is environmentally-friendly. This means that our jewelry boxes as well as our mailer boxes are made out of recycled material - FSC®-certified white cardboard and water-based glue in Denmark. You can find the ECO stamp under our boxes. All of our packaging is recyclable.