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COSMIC Glass FLOWER ⌀20 Hoop Earrings

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Hoop earrings with glass flower.

FLOWER Weight: 2-3g --> lightweight

HOOP METAL: 925 Silver with a Rhodium plating or Gold Vermeil



The flower glass beads are individually made by hand by a glass artist and friend in Italy using traditional techniques to form beads from Murano glass.

As the glass beads are handcrafted, each bead is unique and is slightly different, not one is exactly the same as the other. There might be differences in shape and color. Small imperfections as little cracks or color varieties are usual.


Please allow up to 1 week to ship.



.•° ✿ °•. On every flower purchase that is made through our site, we donate 2 Euros to IRC (International Rescue Committee) helping refugees around the world and people affected by humanitarian crisis. °•. ✿ .•°