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Vegan Cactus Leather Collar

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Our vegan dog collars are made of Desserto® cactus leather and crafted by artisans in the North of Portugal. 

Colors: White, Cactus Green or Black

Sizes: XS, S, M, L


XS: Neck: 22-30cm

S: 30-38 cm

M: 38-46cm

L: 46-54cm


Môme (black dog) is wearing an M. Nakia (tan dog) is wearing an S.


Cactus leather is a naturally-tanned organic material made from nopal leaves, a cactus plant from Mexico.

Only the mature leaves of the cactus are cut with great care so that the mother plant doesn't get damaged. Every 6-8 months a new harvest can take place in the same plantation.

Cactus needs very little water to grow. It has a natural hygroscopic mechanism; it absorbs the water it needs from humidity in the environment and therefore no irrigation systems are required.


Ready to ship. Ships in 2-3 days.